Saturday, July 21, 2012

Aria Montgomery


Yesterday, I based five looks on just one fabulous dress and one of those outfits was inspired by Aria Montgomery. Now this is my board on her style-- very edgy, unique, vintage, unexacting, but still girly. From studs to florals, from black to pink, and from lace to leather, this girl had got it all-but in her own unique way. As I said earlier, her style has been such a big inspiration and motivation for me to display life through fashion. This set here is one of my first creations on Polyvore so I just went crazy with all the items.  Below are all the items that you can click on for more info. 

Aria is one of my most influential fashion inspirations, so you won't be seeing the last of her anytime soon. :) 
Who has been your biggest inspiration?

xoxo -KA


  1. it´s cool i like so much what i find here every time!

  2. That brown leather jacket is fabulous.