Sunday, July 29, 2012

Humble Beauty

I had a wonderful vacation but am so excited to get back to blogging. Everywhere you go, you see girls with various levels of pride. We all need to have confidence in how we look, but many women these days are so high maintenance and prideful in how they look and act. The other day I was cruzin' down Sunset Blvd, and boy band song, "What Makes You Beautiful" came on. Besides the fact that the song is totally overplayed and I was so tempted to change it right away, I actually stopped for a moment and listened to the words. She doesn't know that she's beautiful, so that's what makes her beautiful. It may sound silly for a moment, but this humble view of ourselves emits it's own natural beauty that's more attractive than pounds of makeup and pouty lips. 

Do you realize you're beautiful?

Displaying humility through an outfit can actually be sexy (like the song says) because it's attracting people who like you for who you are. This outfit above is so pretty, but not in an over-the-top sort of way. The pastel skirt fits well with the boho look and I love the lace Toms to complete. 

While we need to maintain a balanced view of ourselves, some girls take it the opposite direction and have so low self-esteem that they never view themselves as "pretty" or "beautiful." It's sad because everybody is beautiful- but most take their pride to the opposite extremes. 

Natural Beauty

That's why natural beauty is truly what the word "beautiful" means. Its not only external, but internal as well. To capture a natural beauty look on the outside, however, it can be done so many different ways- but keep it simple. Opt for minimal makeup and an easy fabric like chiffon and pastels. I love this outfit because if the tie up white wedges that goes perfectly with this airy mint dress- naturally gorgeous! :) 

So let's strive to display that humble beauty no matter where we are on the spectrum of self-esteem and always dress how we feel! I hope your day is filled with happiness, love, and laughter <3

xoxo -KA

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Aria Montgomery


Yesterday, I based five looks on just one fabulous dress and one of those outfits was inspired by Aria Montgomery. Now this is my board on her style-- very edgy, unique, vintage, unexacting, but still girly. From studs to florals, from black to pink, and from lace to leather, this girl had got it all-but in her own unique way. As I said earlier, her style has been such a big inspiration and motivation for me to display life through fashion. This set here is one of my first creations on Polyvore so I just went crazy with all the items.  Below are all the items that you can click on for more info. 

Aria is one of my most influential fashion inspirations, so you won't be seeing the last of her anytime soon. :) 
Who has been your biggest inspiration?

xoxo -KA

Friday, July 20, 2012

One Dress, Five Looks

Black floral dress

I've stressed this so many times, but the thing I love about fashion is that the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating different combinations of clothing. Today, i wanted to show you just how to create different looks with one piece. I chose this black floral dress because you could dress it up or down, romantic or edgy. When I was creating the following sets, you could buy this exact dress at for only $56. However, this dress has recently been sold out, but Forever21 has amazing dresses just like this and you could do similar things. Click here, here, and here (best) for equally chic, affordable, and versatile dresses dresses. 

Look #1
Brunch with BFF

For the first look, I opted for a cute casual outfit to go out to brunch. The coral colored blazer and darling flats add a sweet romantic element to the easy outfit. I love that braided hairstyle with the simple earrings---so chic. I decided not to put the links to the clothing here since it takes up too much space, so you could check out my Polyvore page if you want more info on the items.

Look #2

First Day of School

For this next outfit, the dress is drifting toward a more edgy look, yet remains casual as it is perfect for the first day of school. The knee highs, rough boots, and studded backpack screams Aria Montgomery. She loves pairing a black floral dress with a jean jacket and edgy elements. If you don't know who she is, she is a character on the show Pretty Little Liars and is a major major inspiration for me. The costume designer on the show, Mandi Line, has inspired me to get interested in fashion because the outfits she pairs together are so artsy, original, yet still wearable. 

Look #3

Wedding Rehearsal
We are taking a trip back to romantic land for a bit to show how easy this dress can go a little fancier to an event such as a rehearsal dinner. The tan cardigan and nude pumps make it a little more preppy if that's your style. We added the pop of a green belt that can be placed on the natural waistline to create a more slimming figure and chic look. I love how this dress can go from school to a fancy occasion! Oh, and that hairstyle is to die for- so classic. 

Look #4

First Date Outfit
We all wonder what to wear on a first date to impress our mystery man, but why not just mix up some stuff we already have in our closet like say, this black floral dress! Paired with a bright strappy sandal and tan leather jacket, the dress tells your man that there are many sides of you just waiting to be discovered. The collar necklace and bright green bag shows your fashion forward and not afraid to take risks. The roses on the dress says your still a romantic at heart and would take red roses any time of day. 

Look #5

Clubbing in floral

Okay, we've come to our fifth and final look for this floral dress- and this might be my favorite because it's so unexpected. Not many would take floral to a club, but when paired with an edgy ensemble, you'll be dancing all night long. I adore that studded leather jacket and those tights make me cringe (in a good way). Those black heels I want in my closet right now because they can be paired in so many ways too. The edgy jewelry finishes off the look in a just right way that will bring out the rebel inside of us. To check out more edgy looks check out this post. 

There are so many more possibilities with this dress that I could be here forever showing them all to you. I had so much fun creating these outfits that I was originally going to do only three looks, but had to extend it to five. From brunch, school, a first date, wedding rehearsal, and even the club, one dress can go a long way. Next time you have free time, take one item in your closet and create at least 5 completely different looks. You'll be surprised what you come up with! 

Which look from above do you think you'd wear? Answer in the comment section :)

Thanks for reading! 

xoxo -KA