Monday, July 9, 2012

An Edgy Rebel

The rebellious spirit is a natural phase of life, especially in one's teenage years, and is best displayed through fashion. Not listening to your parents, trying to find yourself, and reading vampire novels all motivate you to be a rebel.

 Some people always have that edgy, gothic style, while others wear edgyish clothes when they feel like being a rebel. I would describe my style as boho romantic with an edgy touch.  know it sound all over the place, but I honestly just dress how I feel. So if I'm in an rebellious mood, I love branching over to my edgy side. Here's some inspiration for you to find your dark side! 

The black and red is a big trend in the "bad girl" style as you can tell and incorporations of different textures/patterns like lace, studs, and checkers add another element. There are SOOO many more thing you could do with the edgy trend and the possibilities are truly endless and so fun to play with. This last inspiration I one because it has gold jewelry with the edgy look. The big stripes and gold accents make me shiver because I adore it so much. 

So have fun with this style whether your edgy or not. Every girl has that dark side inside of her waiting to come out- let is be released through fashion!  Dress how you feel and let me inspire you! :) 

xoxo -KA

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