Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Style Icon: Nicole Richie- Boho Chic

Nicole is a major fashion icon, especially for me. She is the queen of boho and people have blogs dedicated all to her fashion. She is truly inspiring for her boho/indie/vintage style. These are some pictures from her famous House of Harlow 1960 line:




To capture Nicole’s look, you’ll need a free-spirited mindset and a few pointers on where to begin. Choose light-weight fabrics like chiffon that can “blow in the wind”. Don’t be afraid to try maxi dresses with different prints or many layers. There are so many options out there that are easy to find! Boho styles have some of the most interesting cuts and patterns (try tribal too). Nicole also incorporates vintage into her boho look, so she wears polka dots and pastels as well. Mix it up!

For your hair, just let your natural waves flow.  Nicole loves that 70’s vibe, so invest in some interesting head pieces. Also try putting your hair in a high bun or incorporate a braided detail.

Regarding accessories, the more, the better (most of the time). Experiment with layering earth-tone pieces and use feathers! Before feathers became the latest trend last season, bohemian fashionistas already had them in their jewelry box. Try placing bracelets and bangles higher up on your arm like Nicole commonly does and load up on rings. She loves to switch up her sunglasses from various eras from cat-eye to bug-eye to John Lennon- inspired. These are some Nicole-Inspired accessories along with some items from her own collection.

 Accessories inspired by Nicole Richie

For shoes, flat sandals work great (and comfortable too!) with some optional added detail of fringe. Chestnut boots with fringe are a common addition to some of Nicole’s outfits. Vintage shoes are adorable and add a touch of class.


To complete the look, light makeup is great with a brownish/earthy shadow.

Here is an outfit I created on Polyvore (LOVE) that resembles more of a casual day look from a candid shot of Nicole.

 Nicole Richie Get the Look

Boho and indie vintage are meant to be easy, fun, and freeing. Have fun with it and let Nicole Richie inspire your next outfit!

xoxo -KA

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