Monday, September 3, 2012

Gray Jeans: Three Looks

Happy Labor Day!
 I hope everybody is enjoying they day off. Today, I decided to do another post featuring one item of clothing with multiple looks (see One Dress, Five Looks). 

So- gray jeans. Colored Jeans have been so hot this summer and will remain for fall, but I wanted to go with a neutral grayish to show that they can be for all styles (instead of occasions). You could purchase gray jeans at any store- American Eagle, Nordroms, Urban Outfitters, or your favorite brand (these happen to be J-brand jeans).  

Gray Jeans: Classic

The first look is classic and timeless. We paired the gray jeans with a flowy blue chiffon collared shirt and pink flats. To add more detail, we added a (trendy) collared necklace and classic quilted Chanel purse. 

Gray Jeans: Tribal

Next, a tribal and geometric look pairs equally well with these gray jeans. I absolutely love these cutout wedges and earrings. I picked out the skirt afterward and it matched perfectly. These jeans are so versatile- they look so different now. In addition, we added a jeans jacket  to show the on-going trend of mixing denims. 

Gray Jeans: Edgy

I had to add an edgy look because I love that tough-girl rebellious feel. Gray jeans are probably most expected for this style so I wanted to add a hot studded bralet to enhance the expected look. A studded combat boot and a fab skull purple bag is so hot with it. Over the bralet, a burgundy effortless seater is perfect for a rebellious chic look. A smoky eye is a must with this outfit and bedhead hair. 

As you see, simple gray jeans are perfect for everybody of all styles and can be versatile for a variety of occasions as they can be paired with heels, boots, or flats. I could have done hundreds of other combinations that are all different from each other. That's what makes fashion so fun. Every day there are billions of people on the planet (not all of which are fashion-forward) who don't wear the same exact outfit. Adding accessories and pairing unexpected items together make each outfit special to you. have fun with fashion! 

xoxo -KA

How would you pair gray skinnies? 

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  1. I like the classic look the best :)
    Simple and chic!