Sunday, August 26, 2012

Salute to Summer

The Good Girl

As we brace ourselves for fall, its fun to reminisce about the good times we shared this Summer. If you traveled around the globe or  just stayed in the comfort of your own backyard, I hope your Summer was filled with the joys of friendship & love. Vow to yourself to enjoy every moment and live with no regrets. 

So on one of the last Sundays of Summer, here is a preview to this coming season. Burgundy jeans are going to be a hot trend for fall, and mini florals will remain as a staple for your closet. Paired with trendy lace up booties (to die for!) and a fitted brown blazer, this outfit is so fashion-forward. I love Summer, but fall is so great because excitement rises as you get to pair all your new summer clothes with jeans and other cold-weather items- it's like you just bought your new clothes again. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

xoxo -KA

What is your favorite Summer 2012 memory? 


  1. Cute post, all your set are great!
    I love both summer and fall...
    I live in Tuscany ad here fall is very charming...
    I've follow you on Gfc, follow me if you like :)

  2. My husband and I climbed the Eiffel Tower on the last night of our honeymoon and when we got to the top, the tower started to sparkle with the hourly lightshow.