Thursday, August 9, 2012

Different Denim

Denim. We all have our favorite pair of jeans- whether you splurged on 7s or got lucky at American Eagle, denim jeans are a staple to every girls closet. But what about denim a different way? It's a fabric- we could make skirts, dresses, tops, pumps, and bags, in different patterns, textures, and fits. Let's have some fun with this unique stitch!

Denim & Floral

To begin, we have a statement denim floral short to go with a chiffon shirt in a color extracted   from the shorts. A cropped denim jacket and denim shoes ties the look together without looking too matchy-matchy-- which is a no-no. I love the simplicity of this outfit for summer. 

Modern Romance

I had a lot of fun with this set. I found this awesome vintage inspired denim dress with modern cutouts. Pairing it with a leather jacket brings an unexpected twist to the classic denim jacket with a dress. From their, I went all "unexpected." A British flag with no red, a twisted staircase, and black lips all create a subtle unpredictable atmosphere. By minimizing with the accessories, the rest of the outfit is the focus statement. The pop of color in the shoes is a perfect finish this unique look.

Denim + Denim

Lastly, I wanted to show how to match denim with denim. Every item in the set is denim, yet the looks are all so different. The key to this is to mix shades, textures and prints in the same outfit. 
For the first look, the flare denim shirt calls for a tight bandeau in a bleached striped shade of denim. It's important to know that a jean jacket the same shade as the skirt, would NOT look good in the outfit because it would clash. The lighter shade jacket provides the perfect contrast- and I am loving the sublet leopard print in that denim sandal! 
Next, the colored pink denim is perfect paired with a chiffon fabric shirt that has denim detail on top. This denim pump is so creatively made and I love it with the snakeskin denim bag. 

Here's another pair of denim floral shorts, but this time it's paired with a denim shirt, bag, and shoe. 
Finally, I love this edgy take on denim. The studded cutoffs pairs perfectly with this black denim bralet and tribal purse creating a rebellious chic denim look. 

You could pair ALL denim together and not look too matchy-matchy as long as you differ the shades, textures, and prints. I love these outfits, but this does not mean you should only wear denim (please don't). But this shows just how many different ways you can style this one fabric. Fashion is so fun and versatile- mix it up and challenge yourself to create new, unique combinations! 

What look was your favorite, what inspired you the most? 

xoxo -KA


  1. wow..denim cut out Love your inspirational photos:)

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  2. Denim is making a come-back.

  3. The photos are very inspirational!
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  4. I love the photos, great outfit pairing...I would totally rock some of these looks!

  5. i completely agree with the matching denim with each other!! i LOVE doing that! im not sure if its too daring or if i pull it off but its fun :D
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